Rebooting X-Men won’t be easy for Marvel and Feige

Rebooting X-Men won't be easy for Marvel and Feige

Disney is having a phenomenal year at the box office. Captain Marvel joined the billion-dollar club and Avengers EndGame is just breaking records. Aladdin is doing very good at the box office and has already crossed six hundred million dollars worldwide. There are lots of Disney movies to come and are desperately waiting to conquer the box office. Disney officially bought Fox with whooping 73.1 billion. The mouse house monopoly is getting a little out of hand. With Fox Acquisition, Disney now owns X-Men, Fantastic Four, Avatar and Apes Franchise. Kevin Feige is very glad to welcome X-Men and Fantastic Four in the MCU but rebooting the franchise won’t be an easy task.

The X-Men Franchise for Fox was both hit and miss. The first X-Men movie made nearly three hundred million dollars. The movie was a huge deal for comic book movie genre. The Dark Knight trilogy and Marvel found the audience. The box office number kept growing up but not exponentially. The biggest hit for X-Men came in 2014 with Days of the Future past. The movie was critically praised and commercially successful. Some people consider it the greatest comic book movie of all time. I might not agree with it, but it’s in the conversation. Logan was the deal breaker for Fox Studio. Hugh Jackman put on his claws for the last time to give his best performance. Logan was Oscar-worthy but Academy voters did not agree with fans. Deadpool was loved by fans and critics and performed incredible at the box office.

There is no denying Kevin Feige is a genius. He has been just been brilliant throughout MCU. He has created a legacy of his own and might get an honorary award at the Academy Award. However, things are a little different from X-Men and Fantastic Four. The latest X-Men team-up movies have not performed well at the box office. X-Men Apocalypse was a disappointment and Dark Phoenix is following the footstep. It’s always difficult for Studios to bounce back with a huge failure but Marvel has found a way. Thor the Dark World was a huge disappointment but Marvel bounced back with Thor Ragnarok.

Another huge challenge for Marvel and Sarah Finn will be to recast the actors and actresses. It is always difficult to recast an actor or actress. Can you ever imagine anyone playing Tony Stark beside Robert Downey Jr or Logan beside Hugh Jackman? Marvel will recast Wolverine at some point because it is one of the most popular X-Men characters. I know there are so many talented actors who could pull off a perfect Logan but it will take some time for the audience to get on board. James Mcavoy and Michael Fassbender have been phenomenal as Charles and Magneto. So it could be difficult for Marvel and Feige.

Kevin Feige has done everything right in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The genius has been very good at keeping things simple. We might not see X-Men and Fantastic Four in Phase 4 but we will see it in the near future. I am very excited to see X-Men and Fantastic Four in MCU but I am a little nervous as well. I just hope Kevin Feige does justice to the characters because Fox has not done enough justice despite a few hits.

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