Toy Story is probably the best movie franchise of all time

Why Toy Story is probably the best movie franchise of all time?

Disney is having a wonderful year. Captain Marvel joined the billion-dollar club, Endgame became the second highest-grossing movie of all time and Aladdin is still in theaters. Now, everyone is looking forward to seeing Toy Story 4. The early reaction from critics has been very good. The movie currently holds 100 percent on rotten tomato. Toy Story has a decent chance of being the highest-grossing animated movie of all time. There is no denying Pixar makes wonderful movies but Toy Story might be the best movie franchise of all time.

The first movie in Toy Story franchise was released in 1995. The first movie was a gigantic success both critically and commercially. The movie holds 100 percent on rotten tomato. The movie grossed 373.6 million dollars on 30 million budget. Toy Story received three Academy Award nominations including Best Original Screenplay, Best original score, and Best original song. It is considered the greatest animated movie of all time. The film got a Special Achievement Academy Award.

The sequel of Toy Story was released in 1999. The massive success of the first movie gave Pixar and Disney a chance to build a franchise. Toy Story 2 was also positively received by both critics and fans. The movie grossed 497 million dollars on 90 million budget. The movie holds a 100 percent rating on rotten tomato. It is considered one of few sequel films superior to the original. The movie manages to be in the conversation as one of the best animated movies of all time.

The success of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 gave Disney and Pixar a strong momentum to build a third one. Toy Story 3 is the weakest among the movies according to critics which hold 98 percent on rotten tomato. Personally, It’s my favorite movie in the franchise. I was weeping like a little child during the final scene of the movie. Many people considered Toy Story 3 was the last in the franchise but Disney wanted a movie which could be a sure shot hit. Industry experts are predicting the fourth movie to open between 160-180 million dollars at its opening weekend.

Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, James Bond Franchise, Dark Knight trilogy and Lord of the Rings trilogy have been Magnificent at the box office and popularity. However, No movie sequel has proven to be as successful as Pixar’s Toy Story. For some moviegoers, Toy Story might not be the best movie franchise of all time but it will be difficult to defend against someone who believes so. For me, Toy Story will always be a memorable and best movie franchise of all time.

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