Chris Hemsworth Struggles outside of MCU again with MIB International

Chris Hemsworth Struggles outside of MCU again with MIB International

The fourth iteration of Men in Black International is headed for a modest 26 million dollar debut. Industry experts predicted the movie to open between 30-35 million dollars from 4,224 screens. The main reason behind its low box office number is critics and fans early reaction. The movie currently holds 24 percent on Rotten tomato. Despite having a wonderful cast, MIB international fails to impress the audience. The movie box office number is not only a disappointment for Sony but also for Chris Hemsworth. The Australian actor has struggled outside of Marvel Cinematic Universe and his dreadful run at the box office continues.

The first Men in Black movie was a huge hit at the box office. The movie received positive reactions from critics and fans and currently holds 92 percent on Rotten tomato. The first movie opened with 51 million dollars on its opening weekend and went on to make 589 million worldwide. The second movie in Men in Black franchise received mixed reviews from critics and fans. The movie opened with 52 million and went on to make 441 million dollars worldwide. The box office success made Sony greedy to make another sequel which was released in 2012. Men in Black 3 received positive reviews compared to its predecessor. The movie opened with 54.6 million dollars and went on to make 624 million worldwide. Men in Black International might be the lowest-grossing movie in the franchise if it continues to perform at this level.

Chris Hemsworth has always been a wonderful actor. He has been phenomenal in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hemsworth played a big role in Marvel Studio’s Avengers Endgame which is the second highest-grossing movie of all time. There is no denying Chris Hemsworth is a wonderful actor. Personally, Rush is still my favorite Chris Hemsworth movie. Despite being very popular and successful among fans, Chris Hemsworth has struggled outside of MCU. Ghostbusters, Bad Times at the El Royale, 12 Strong, In the Heart of the Sea, The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Blackhat, Red Dawn 2012 have underperformed a the box office. I don’t know if he is unlucky or he chooses the wrong script.

Chris Hemsworth is a very capable guy. He is a charming guy with a great sense of humor. Hemsworth needed Men in Black International to perform well and to prove himself capable outside of Marvel Cinematic Universe. Hemsworth will be seen in Sam Hargrave Dhaka next. He will reprise his role as Thor in MCU in Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and possible Thor 4. As a huge Hemsworth fan, I just hope one day he will bounce back strongly outside of MCU.

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