Robert Downey Jr might get an Academy Award nomination because of his legacy

Robert Downey Jr might get an Academy Award nomination because of his legacy

Avengers Endgame almost broke every box office record. The sequel to Infinity war broke several people’s hearts when Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save the world. Before the movie premiered Robert Downey Jr told the final eight minutes of Avengers Endgame is the greatest moment in Marvel history. There is no denying that the final moments were perfectly poetic. Robert Downey Jr ended his run as Tony Stark after 11 years and 9 movies (excluding The Incredible Hulk). There has been some online conversation about Robert Downey Jr getting an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Robert Downey Jr brought his A-game in EndGame. RDJ might get an Academy Award nomination because of his legacy as Tony Stark.

Recently in an interview, Anthony Russo Reveled Robert Downey Jr improvised the Liar line in Avengers Endgame. The death scene of Tony Stark was also improvised by Tom Holland, Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle and Robert Downey Jr himself. In an interview, Iron Man director John Favreau said RDJ deserves an Oscar for his performance in Avengers Endgame. Every cast members were brilliant in the movie but there was something else about Robert Downey Jr. He might get an Academy Award nomination because of his legacy as Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr kick-started the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2008. Disney was not very glad about casting RDJ as Tony Stark because of his history. However, John Favreau convinced people at Disney and rest is history. The highest-paid actor was paid 500,000 dollars for his role in Iron Man 1. The movie received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from the audience and was a massive hit at the box office. After that, Robert Downey Jr was paid 10 million dollars for Iron Man 2. Tony Stark became a household name and Robert Downey Jr was a fan favorite. Tony Stark was not an A-list comic book character but RDJ embodied the character and made it one of the most popular movie character of all time. Robert Downey Jr has been carrying the Marvel Franchise since 2008 onscreen and off-screen. If Johnny Depp got nominated for Pirates of the Caribbean then Robert Downey Jr deserved a nomination as well.

Robert Downey Jr has been nominated for Academy Award Award twice for Chaplin 1992 and Tropic Thunder 2008. Black Panther became the first comic book movies to ever be nominated for Best Picture. The door seems pretty open for serious consideration of a Superhero movie actor grabbing an Academy Award nomination. If the Academy Award was being held next week, Robert Downey Jr would definitely get a nomination. But there are a lot of good movies coming out pretty soon. The Academy loves a great death scene. Some Fans are little pissed off and started signing a petition which is just ridiculous. There is a decent Chance of Robert Downey Jr being nominated in Academy Award.

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