Movie going trend has changed and it will continue on changing

Movie going trend has changed and it will continue on changing

Movies and Games have been a major source of entertainment. Movies bring family, friends and love ones together. Different people have different tastes in movies. Some people love romantic movies while some love comic book movies.

The beauty of moves is its subjectiveness. Some people might enjoy a movie immensely wheres some might find it not that good. The moviegoing trend has changed for the past couple of years. Disney has been ruling box office chart in the past couple of years, thanks to Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars.

The introduction of streaming services has had some impact on movies and their box office. Rather than rushing into movie theaters in its opening weekend people are waiting till its available on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon. Netflix has been very dominated in the streaming market but it might change when Disney Plus arrives this year.

Marvel Studio started a new trend in Hollywood about Spoilers. Russo Brothers wrote a letter to fans saying not to spoil the movie for others if you have already seen it. The spoiler thing creates online chatters and increases enthusiasm among moviegoers. People don’t want their favorite moments to be ruin.

Avengers Endgame made so much movie in its opening weekend because of Spoilers campaign. The movie opened with 357 million dollars at its opening weekend. The movie was so front-loaded because of the fear of being spoiled. The reason why Avengers Endgame might not catch Avatar is because of being very frontloaded and stiff competition.

We always hear movies breaking advance ticket sales records. More and more people are buying tickets online to see the movie on its opening weekend. Recently, Toy Story 4 broke all the advance ticket sales record held by an animated movie. The advance ticket sales record broken is very good more movie marketing but its nothing more.

The brand has been playing a key factor in the movie box office. People have faith in Marvel Studio, so they rush into movie theater whether the character is A-list or B-list. If you have told me Doctor Strange would make more money than a movie with Batman, Superman and Wonder Women than I would have probably shouted shut up. But time has changed.

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