Why re-release might not push Avengers Endgame past Avatar?

Why re-release might not push Avengers Endgame past Avatar?

Avengers Endgame is one of the biggest movies of all time. The massive success of Avengers Endgame came from years of build-up and excellent storytelling. The finale to infinity saga has grossed 2.744 billion dollars worldwide. Avengers Endgame officially dethroned Titanic to be the second highest-grossing movie of all time. However, Kevin Feige didn’t like being the second position. Marvel is re-releasing Avengers Endgame with some bonus footage, special tribute and post-credit scene. There is a decent chance re-release might push Avengers Endgame past Avatar but there are few things that might affect its number.

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Avengers Endgame is in its eight week. The movie made 3.7 million o its eight weekends. The endgame box office is slowly slowing down. Fans are still hoping to see Avengers Endgame dethrone Avatar at the box office. The movie was so front-loaded. Avengers Endgame made 357 million dollars at its opening weekend and 1.2 billion dollars worldwide. Some movies have a hard time making 357 million dollars worldwide.

Avengers Endgame is re-releasing worldwide on June 28. If a movie makes 2.744 billion dollars than there are only a few people who are left to watch the movie. Hardcore Marvel fans also have watched the movie multiple times. I don’t know people want to watch the movie again for just a few minutes of extra footage. There is no denying people will watch the movie in theaters again but 45 million dollars is a tall order. The movie is three hours long. So an individual has to give more than 3.5 hours that is either a whole evening or big chunk of day time.

In an interview, Kevin Feige revealed they shot a scene with Michael Peña narrating the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Feige revealed they have a documentary of Stan Lee’s behind the scene of his cameo. Fans would love to see a sweet and heartbreaking tribute to Stan Lee and who does not love Michael Peña. Fans would be very excited if they even add a Tony Stark tribute. Those three things could bring the audience back to the theater. Personally, I would love to see Avengers Endgame dethrone Avatar but the road ahead is not quite easy as it looks.

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