Disney might be disappointed with Toy Story’s opening weekend

Disney might be disappointed with Toy Story's opening weekend

Toy Story 4 opened with a massive 118 million dollars but the opening weekend number might be a little disappointing for Disney. The highly anticipated sequel to Toy Story 3 was positively received by both audience and critics but something went wrong against Pixar. Many movies would sweat to bring 118 million on their entire run but Toy Stroy franchise needed to deliver more.

The industry experts were predicting the movie to open between 150 to 200 million dollars. However, People at Disney were holding back a little and were expecting the movie to open in 140’s range. The history of Pixar and Toy Story brand should have brought more audience.

Disney has one of the best marketing teams in the movie business. I felt the marketing campaign for Toy Story 4 was mediocre. The trailers for the movie were not very exciting. Toy Story movies have always been about family and loved ones but the marketing never felt that way. Disney might have missed a perfect opportunity to market a sure shot blockbuster movie.

The 118 million opening weekend is not a bad number. It is the fourth biggest opening weekend for an animated movie just behind Incredibles 2, Finding Dory and Shrek the Third. Pixar Toy Story’s 4 is also the third biggest opening of 2019 after Avengers Endgame and Captain Marvel.

The movie had no strong competition. Man in Black International , Dark Phoenix, Godzilla King of Monsters all under-performed. The movie currently holds 98 percent on rotten tomato and has received A Cinemascore. But still people still were not very keen on rushing to the movie theater.

Toy Story 4 opening is the biggest opening in the franchise. The first movie made 29.1 million on its opening weekend, Toy Story 2 made 57.4 million dollar on its opening weekend and Toy Story 3 made 110.3. Toy Story 3 was able to join the billion dollar club with 110 million opening weekend. So, A billion is still in the cards for Toy Story 4. If the movie does not reaches the billion dollar then Pixar and Disney should start scratching the head and figure out what went wrong.

Pixar is coming from a massive success of Incredibles 2. The movie opened with 182.6 million dollar and went on to make 1.243 billion dollar worldwide. However, no animated movie has dethrone Frozen from number 1 position. I was expecting Toy Story 4 to the one but I guess i would have to wait until Frozen 2. Despite a massive opening weekend of 118 million Disney might not be very thrilled with the number.

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