Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr Box office report outside of MCU

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr Box office report outside of MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown exponentially and will continue on growing. The cinematic universe has been exceptional in terms of both quality and box office. Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans have been the heart and Soul of MCU. Lets break down Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr Box office report outside of MCU.

Every Marvel actors have multiple movie contracts. So, the contract gives actors very less chance to get involved outside of Marvel. The popularity of these actors has increased certainly because of their involvement in MCU. Last night I was watching the Avengers and I realize how far these actors have come. These actors have had great box office records inside the MCU but what about outside of the franchise. I did some digging and found out some interesting details.

Robert Downey Jr has been in MCU since the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Disney legend has been the face of MCU since the beginning. Tony Stark has been a fan favorite character and has been a vital member of Disney’s box office. Robert Downey Jr has played some excellent movies outside of MCU, although the numbers are very few.

Robert Downey Jr is a two time Academy nominated actor. He was firstly nominated for his role as Charlie Chaplin and second for playing Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder. The 2008 war comedy movie was both successful critically and commercially. The movie went on to make 188.1 million worldwide.

After Tropic Thunder, Robert Downey Jr starred in two movies outside in MCU in 2009. Robert Downey Jr played Steve Lopez in 2009 musical drama alongside Jamie Foxx. The movie went on to make 38.3 million worldwide on 60 million budget. The movie was a huge letdown in terms of quality and box office.

Robert Downey Jr became a part of the Sherlock Holmes franchise in 2009. The first movie went on to make 524 million worldwide. The movie was positively received by both fans and critics. Apart from MCU, Sherlock Holmes is a big franchise for RDJ.

Robert Downey Jr starred alongside Zach Galifianakis in 2010 comedy flick Due Date. The movie was a huge success at the box office bringing 211.8 million worldwide with a 65 million dollar budget.

The Iron Man actor reprised his role as Sherlock Holmes in the Games of Shadow in 2011. The sequel was not as positively received as the first one but it went on to make more money than its predecessor. The movie grossed 545.5 million dollars worldwide.

Robert Downey Jr contract in MCU was expiring after Avengers Age of Ultron. However, his passion project The Judge was a huge disappointment at the box office. The performance of Robert Downey Jr and Robert Duvall was magical in the movie but the story lacked depth. The movie made 84.4 million worldwide on 50 million budget. The failure of The Judge might be the reason why Robert Downey Jr renewed his contract in MCU.

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr Box office report outside of MCU

Apart from Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans has been a vital member of the Avengers family in terms of fan base and box office. Chris Evans was a part of MCU since 2011. Chris Evans has not done many movies outside of MCU because of his time schedule and commitment to Marvel movies. Chris Evans has shown interest in directing. So he would love to move to do some great movies and direct them since his commitment to Marvel is over.

Chris Evans box office number outside the MCU has been very disappointing. I did some digging on Chris Evans’s box office number and found very interesting results. Chris Evans played Robert Pronge in 2012 thriller drama The Iceman alongside Michael Shannon and James Franco. The movie failed at the box office and grossed 4.4 million on a 10 million dollar budget.

The Captain America Actor played Curtis in Bong Joon-ho science fiction action movie Snowpiercer in 2013. Snowpiercer was positively received by both fans and critics. The movie currently holds 95 percent on rotten tomato. Snowpiercer grossed 86.8 million dollars on a 40 million dollar budget movie.

Chris Evans starred in romantic comedy movie alongside Michelle Monaghan in Playing It Cool. The movie was largely panned by critics. Playing It cool holds 14 percent on rotten tomato. The movie was released in limited screens so, I could not get the exact box office number.

Evans did his directorial debut in 2014 romantic drama Before We Go. The movie received negative reviews from critics as well as fans. The movie grossed 483K at the box office on a 3 million dollar budget movie. Before We Go was another huge debacle for Chris Evans outside of MCU.

The Captain America Actor starred alongside Mckenna Grace in 2017 comedy drama Gifted. The movie currently holds 73 percent on rotten tomato. Gifted grossed 7 million dollars on a 43 million dollar budget. Evans is simply having bad luck outside of MCU or he is not choosing the script carefully.

Both Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr are out of MCU. The actors would love to improve their box office numbers outside of MCU. Downey Jr has been pretty good at the box office because of Sherlock franchise but Chris Evans might not very happy with his box office number.

Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr Box office report outside of MCU

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