Suicide Squad 2 will test James Gunn strength outside of MCU

Suicide Squad 2 will test James Gunn strength outside of MCU

There is no doubt James Gunn in saying James Gunn is a terrific filmmaker. The MCU director has been a huge part of the Marvel cosmic world. Gunn gave us one of Marvel best movie i.e Guardians of the Galaxy. However, Gunn has not directed a single movie outside of MCU after 2014. His next movie is DC Suicide Squad 2. Gunn will have to prove himself

Everyone knows the infamous firing of James Gunn from Disney. Alan Horn took the action very quickly and fired James Gunn. The situation became a lot more complicated when fans and cast members of Guardians of the Galaxy took Gunn’s side. Dave Bautista threatened to leave the franchise if Gunn is not rehired for GOG Vol 3. After a few months, Disney rehired Gunn and welcomed him to the Diseny family.

Before Gunn was rehired by Disney, he had already signed a contract with DCEU to direct Suicide Squad 2. Gunn wanted to prove himself he is capable of directing an excellent movie outside of Kevin Feige’s leadership. Walter Hamada was very glad to welcome a talented filmmaker and an excellent storyteller.

James Gunn has a lot of responsibility in his shoulder. The first Suicide Squad was a hit at the box office but received negative reviews from both fans and critics. There were some great moments in the movie but overall it was not that impressive. Despite being negatively reviewed, the movie went on to make 746 million worldwide.

James Gunn will not have Will Smith in Suicide Sequel. Rather than Smith, Gunn will have Idris Elba. Margot Robbie was fantastic in the first movie and she is returning for its sequel after Birds of Prey. Suicide Squad has some magnificent talent onscreen and Gunn knows how to handle amazing characters.

James Gunn should very thankful to Marvel Cinematic Universe for giving him the opportunity to direct Guardians of the Galaxy. That’s the great thing about Marvel, rather than choosing popular filmmakers they choose exceptional and talented filmmakers who are waiting for a perfect opportunity to shine. Honestly, I had never heard of Russo Brothers before Winter Soldier. Marvel chose them because they were comic book nerds and fans.

If Suicide Squad fails at the box office and among fans ( I hope it does not ) than Gunn will realize I am going back to Marvel. Before Gunn was fired, Kevin Feige wanted him to be his go-to man on Cosmic World of MCU. James Gunn is returning to direct Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3. There is no doubt that the movie will be massive but Gunn should think about his career outside of MCU. Gunn has lots of responsibilities and a point to prove and Suicide Squad 2 is a perfect movie for him.

Suicide Squad 2 will test James Gunn strength outside of MCU

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