Jumanji: The next Level might be a huge threat for Rise of Skywalker

Jumanji: The next Level might be a huge threat for Rise of Skywalker

Jumanji is not as big as the Star Wars franchise. We all can agree on that. Christmas movie season is always for blockbuster movies to make a huge impact at the box office. The holiday season Kicks in, families are united and want to spend some quality time watching movies.

Christmas movie season has always been a great deal for Star Wars movies. However, things were a little different back in 2017. Jumanji and The Greatest Showman overperformed at the box office. The same thing might happen this year. Jumanji: The Next Level might be a huge threat for Star Wars Rise of Skywalker.

There is no denying Star Wars Episode 9 will be a massive success at the box office. The movie is the final installment in Skywalker saga. The first trailer for the movie was pretty impressive and connected well with the audience. However, history suggests the Star Wars franchise is going downhill because of divisive The last Jedi and box office debacle of Holo.

Star Wars the Last Jedi performed well at the box office despite some claiming it box office disaster. Yes, the movie didn’t perform well compared to The Force Awakens but it joined the billion-dollar club. The box office number was not the worrying factor for Disney it was the division among fans.

The Last Jedi received positive reviews from critics but fans were not very happy with the movie. There were some great moments in the movie but the story lacked depth and the character development was not praiseworthy. Last Jedi was coming off from a massive success of The Force Awakens but could not live up to the expectation.

Another massive debacle for Lucasfilm was the massive failure of Solo: A Star Wars Story. At First place, Fans were not happy when Lucasfilm announced Alden Ehrenreich will play Han Solo. Nobody wanted a Han Solo movie without Harrison Ford. Personally, I enjoyed the movie very much but a massive group of people didn’t give it a chance. Solo not only lost money but lost massive numbers of fans and their life long support.

There is so much riding on Star Wars Episode 9 shoulder. The good thing is J.J Abraham is back. The movie needs to regroup fans together again otherwise the future of Lucasfilm does not look good under the leadership of Kathleen Kennedy. After Episode 9 Star Wars is taking a break which might be a good thing for Disney.

However, Jumanji has a very different story. The original Jumanji was a huge hit at the box office. The movie made 262 million dollars worldwide on a 65 million dollar budget. The movie was very much entertaining and was surprisingly good. Despite being a massive success at the box office, the studio was not very keen on making a sequel.

It took 22 years for Sony and Columbia Pictures to realize it was the perfect time to reboot Jumanji. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was a surprise package at the box office. The movie was positively received by both fans and critics. Welcome to the Jungle went on to make 962 million dollar worldwide and was the fifth highest grossing movie of 2017.

The massive success of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle was came from its star power. The movie starred Karen Gillan, Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Jack Black, Nick Jonas, and others. The marketing for the movie was very praiseworthy.

The trailer for Jumanji: The Next Level has been released and it looks promising. However, I would not jump into excitement just because of an excellent trailer. Movies with exceptional trailers have bombed at the box office. However, I am very excited about the movie. The movie has a huge potential in being a huge challenger for Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker.

I am not Jumanji will make money than Star Wars. Jumanji opens just one week before Star Wars. Till now, both movies trailers have looked good and fans are eager to see both of these movies. Jumanji is coming back from the massive success of its sequel.

However, no one should underestimate Star Wars. You never touch a sleeping Lion. He will bounce at you whatever the case. I am very excited about both of these movies. Jumanji and Star Wars The Rise of Skywalkers will definitely perform well at the box office. The time will tell is whether Jumanji: The Next Level is a huge threat to the Rise of Skywalker.

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