Tony Sacrificed himself for Morgan Stark in Avengers Endgame

Tony Sacrificed himself for Morgan Stark in Avengers Endgame

I was scrolling down my twitter feed and saw an awesome picture of Tom Holland and Lexi Rabe. Both of them looked absolutely amazing. There might be just a few people who haven’t seen Avengers Endgame. Lexi Rabe played Morgan Stark in Marvel’s finale to infinity saga. I absolutely adored the character and was smiling throughout her presence. The relationship between Tony and Morgan was one of the highlights of the movie. One of my favorite Avengers Endgame moment is the final scene between Happy Hogan and Morgan Stark.

Tony Stark was always worried about everyone in his life. He always protected people around him without caring about his life. In the first Avengers, he was willing to sacrifice himself to save New York. In Age of Ultron Tony was willing to do the same. He was so close to death so many times.

” No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away.” It’s a famous Quote by Terry Pratchett. I would relate to the death of Tony Stark to the above quote. The character might have died in Avengers Endgame but his legacy will remain forever and be a part of our life.

Most of the people in the world might have already seen Avengers Endgame. If not you might be living under the rock. No disrespect to Gwyneth Paltrow. Tony snapped his fingers and saved the universe from the mad titan. In doing so, the impact of snapped took his life. I have heard a lot of online discussion on why Tony sacrificed himself.

As I mentioned earlier Tony was always worried about everyone around him. He snapped his fingers to save the world and protect the people around him. I cannot get Tony Stark death out of my head because he was a major part of my life. As I dug dipper, I found out Tony sacrificed himself to protect Peter Parker and Morgan Stark in Avengers Endgame.

Everyone is entitled to have their opinion. That’s the beauty of movies and subjectivity. I can 100 percent see people having a second opinion on Tony’s reason to sacrifice himself. I tried analyzing the bigger picture of the aftermath of Tony’s snap and found some interesting details.

The movie theater I was on erupted with Aah when Morgan Stark first appeared on the screen. I was smiling with tears seeing Tony’s daughter. He was living a family life quitting his superhero life. The first time Morgan popped on the screen she was putting on a rescue helmet. She is Tony’s daughter, of course, she would mess around his garage and look for “Toys.”

Just looking at the smaller picture, Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save all the Avengers and half the people. But when you look at the bigger picture Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save Morgan Stark and give her a peaceful life. Yeah, there are always gonna be people who would complain Tony didn’t deserve to die.

In the final moments of Avengers Endgame, Thanos was about to snap his finger second time. But Tony made sure that Thanos does not kill half the population again. Just think for a second. If Thanos had snapped his finger, Morgan could have been one of the victims. Just imagine Tony being alive without Morgan Stark. He could have never forgiven himself.

“Big Man in a suit of Armor. Take that off what are you?” He is just a guy who cares about other people’s life more than his. I know Robert Downey Jr is done as Tony Stark in MCU. I wanted to believe he is gone but I find myself theorizing how he could be brought be back.

I can’t thank Robert Downey Jr enough for being a part of my life. Robert Downey Jr probably deserves an Academy Award because of his legacy and impact on so many people’s life. He has not only influenced me but many people around the globe. Tony Stark will be dearly missed in MCU but will never be forgotten.

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