Spider-Man Far From Home did no justice to Tony Stark Legacy

Spider-Man Far From Home did no justice to Tony Stark Legacy

I can’t come out right off the bat and say Far From Home is my favorite Spider-Man movies. I loved the movie so much but I haven’t watched Spider-Man 2 for a long time, so I Can’t give you my final verdict. Spider-Man Far From Home is a top tier MCU movie and probably has the best action sequence in Spider-Man movies. I can gush about Spider-Man all day long but I am writing on something else. Tony Stark was always a father figure to Peter Parker. However, I was a little pissed off how Marvel handled Tony Stark character after his death.

Tony Stark is my favorite character so, I have the rights to be pissed off when the character is disrespected. Some people might not agree with my statement and I would totally get why they were on board with the “scene”. Heads up to anyone who might not have seen Spider-Man Far From Home. The post contains serious Spoilers on a new chapter of Spider-Man saga.

I loved how the movie gave tribute to fallen heroes. Tony Stark, Captain America, Natasha Romanoff, and Vision faith was acknowledged at the beginning of the movie. Another dynamic I loved about the movie was the impact of Tony Stark’s death on Peter Parker. The world was still searching for next Iron Man and Peter was afraid he might not be able to fill his shoes. Like Happy said no one can replicate the success of Tony Stark, I would have said the same thing to Parker If I was in Happy place.

“Death is what life gives meaningful.” When I saw Spider-Man Far From Home I realized the line has more meaning than I realized. Let’s go back to 2015 when the Age of Ultron was released. Tony Stark built Ultron which nearly destroyed the whole planet. Take a close look at the journey of Tony from that movie. The world was not viewing Tony Stark as the savior of the world rather the world, his friends pointed the fingers. After his death in Avengers Endgame, he is getting flowers, respect and the whole world is gushing about his legacy. I don’t know if its a good thing or bad.

I think I went a little far away from Spider-Man Far From Home. Being a huge fan of Tony Stark, I just wanted to pour my anger somewhere. Okay, let’s get back to Far From Home. Mysterio was a fabulous villain. I think he is my second favorite villain after Thanos. Jake Gyllenhaal did a magnificent job as always. The only thing that I had a problem was his back story and how the story disrespected Tony Stark.

In the third act of the movie, Mysterio is revealed to be an employee of Tony Stark. He was just lying about the whole multiverse and elementals stuff. He was using advanced technology to create the illusions of elementals. The technology was first introduced in Captain America Civil War where Tony Stark. Mysterio revealed the technology was misused by Tony Stark and threw out of his company. I don’t think it was necessary to make Tony Stark the bad guy.

However, I loved the shot of Iron Man’s armor coming out of the grave during the illusion. I have seen some fans complaining about the shot as well but I thought it was very cool. In a recent interview, Kevin Feige revealed Tony Stark’s heroic act in Avengers Endgame will be acknowledged in future movies. I would love to see his good deeds rather than his wrongs and mistakes.


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