Spider-Man Far From Home teases Fans about Phase 4 and beyond

Spider-Man Far From Home teases Fans about Phase 4 and beyond

It’s been a great year for Marvel fans as always. Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame did what they were supposed to do at the box office. Now its time to move a little forward. Spider-Man Far From Home is playing in the theaters and making a huge impact at the box office. The movie is heading for being the first Spider-Man movie to join the billion-dollar club. It’s been a trend for Marvel moviegoers to theorize Marvel’s future after each installment. Spider-Man Far From Home teases Fans about Phase 4 and beyond.

Spider-Man Far From does concludes the magnificent Phase 3 of Marvel chapter. There has not been an official announcement for Phase 4 movies till now. Marvel is eyeing Comic-Con and D23 make a splash and give fans some exciting news. The excitement and nervousness are there among Marvel fans for Phase 4 and I am one of them. Now it’s time to look beyond Tony and Captain which might be a little difficult but we should move on.

Spider-Man Far From Home not only concludes Phase 3 but opens the door for future movies and storyline. There might not have been huge plot details which might require your double look. I am just glad to catch some of the moments and share with you.

Spoilers For Spider-Man Far From Home

Spider-Man Far From Home picks up right after Avengers Endgame. Peter Parker is still not over with Tony Stark’s death. The survivor guilt is still haunting him and I have no doubt it will continue on future Spider-Man movies. In a recent interview, Kevin Feige told Tony Stark heroic act will be felt in future movies. Even after his death, Tony Stark will play some roles in Marvel movies.

There is a little thing that has started pissing me off lately. The villains in Spider-Man movies have been directly connected to Tony. First Vulture and now Mysterio. I am loving the way they are doing it but I would love to see a Spider-Man villain in Spider-Man movie.

The best part of Spider-Man Far From Home was probably the after credit scene. I don’t know if it’s a good thing for the movie to have its best moment in the post-credit scene. In the post credit scene of Far From Home, Mysterio reveals Spider-Man identity has Peter Parker. The audience gasped at my movie theater.

The future of Spider-Man will take a massive turn after Far From Home. I don’t if it’s just a coincidence, Phase 1 started with Tony Stark willingly revealing his identity to the world whereas Phase 4 will being with Peter Parker’s identity revealed unwillingly. Marvel might just solve the problem offscreen but I would love to see How Peter chooses to deal with the massive problem.

Based on the post-credit scene of Far From Home, Marvel is setting up S.W.O.R.D. S.W.O.R.D is the counterterrorism and intelligence agency in Space. Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, and Eternal will take part in the cosmic world and it totally makes sense to introduce S.W.O.R.D. S.H.I.E.L.D will monitor the ground level threat while S.W.O.R.D will monitor the cosmic world.

Spider-Man Far From Home might also have given a little hint at Secret Wars. In the comic, Skrulls are typically bad guys but in MCU they have been introduced as good ones. Marvel is never really known for being a comic book Slave. MCU Civil War is totally different from comics. I feel the twist of Skrulls being the bad guys is not far away.

Spider-Man Far From Home is a solid Marvel movie that perfectly concludes phase 3 and gives fans some hints to dive deeper. Sony and Marvel would love to renew the contracts and continue on making great movies.

Spider-Man Far From Home teases Fans about Phase 4 and beyond

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