Hobbs and Shaw needs to step up for Universal in a Disney dominated Summer

Hobbs and Shaw needs to step up for Universal in a Disney dominated Summer

Last month or so, I wrote an article on Hollywood being dominated by Disney. It’s no surprise, for the past couple of years, Disney has been dominating the movie business. Thanks to Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar and Live action. Sometimes Universal Studio comes roaring with Jurrasic Franchise but the roar has been a little less scary. WB’s Wizarding World nor DCEU is doing a huge favor.

2019 has been no exception for Disney. Captain Marvel, Avengers Endgame, Toy Story and Aladdin all performed excellently at the box office. I am not counting Spider-Man Far From Home because Sony is distributing the movie and Disney does not have creative control over Spider-Man. We Still have Lion King, Frozen 2 and Rise of Skywalkers to hit theaters. Lion King hits theater next week and industry experts are predicting the movie to open north of 150 million dollars.

Hobbs and Shaw is still a couple of weeks away from its release date. The trailer for the movie has looked fantastic and the audiences are really digging the action sequence. The aggressive marketing campaign and Star power is a huge advantage for Hobbs and Shaw and Universal.

Hobbs and Saw is a spin-off of The Fast and Furious Franchise. The movie has an amazing star cast. Dwayne Johnson is returning as Hobbs and Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw. Idris Alba, Vanessa Kirby, and Helen Mirren are the additional cast. Just on the paper, the cast only is enough to pull moviegoers to the theater.

Jason Statham is coming fresh from the massive success of The Meg. Thanks to China, the movie grossed 530 million dollars worldwide. Dwayne Johnson has been an action movie star. The success of Jumanji, San Andreas and Fast and Furious have increased his Stardom. However, he has been in some disappointing movie like Skyscraper and Baywatch. The audience tends to go to movie theaters because of his name only. I don’t think Rampage or Skyscraper would have made that much money without The Rock.

I don’t think I would have to talk about Idris Alba. He has been pretty impressive at the box office and audience are loving his movie. Vanessa Kirby had massive success with Mission Impossible Fallout. I love Vanessa Kirby and I am glad she is getting some great roles.

Fast and Furious movies have been pretty successful at the box office. Two of eight movies have joined the billion-dollar club. The movie franchise is getting very popular in China (the second-biggest movie market). The Fate of Furious is the eighth highest-grossing movie in China.

Hobbs and Shaw is directed by David Leitch. David Leitch directed Deadpool 2 which grossed 785 million dollars worldwide, John Wick and Atomic Blonde. I am pretty confident David will pull off action sequence perfectly.

Hobbs and Shaw is looking to open between 55 to 65 million dollars. The movie has heavy competition from Disney’s Lion King and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. However, the movie does not have any serious competition in its opening weekend. The projection could go up if the movie gets positive reviews from critics and audience.

Hobbs and Shaw hit theater on August 2 in the United States and August 23 in China.

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