Lion King eyes whooping 150M+ in its opening weekend despite critics mixed review

No other Studios are willing to take a risk against Lion King this weekend. The live-action remake is expected to open north of 150 million dollars in its opening weekend. John Favreau would love to make another splash at the box office after the massive success of Jungle book.

If the tracking is to be believed, the movie has a decent chance of opening north of 180 million dollars. The marketing campaign has been very aggressive and audiences are enjoying what they have seen from the trailers. Globally the movie has a decent chance of making 450 million dollars in its first weekend.

Lion King made solid 54.7 million in its first three days in China. The movie came on right between the projected 50-60 million dollars. China has never been a huge deal for live-action remakes. Lion King surpassed Aladdin to be the highest-grossing live-action movie in its opening weekend. Aladdin previously held the record with 53 million. The record might be broken when Mulan hits theater next year.

The only obstacle for Lion King to make huge money is its word of mouth critics. While I was writing this article, Lion King holds 58 percent on Rotten tomato. I am not saying 58 percent is bad, but it’s not what many people expected. Critics praised its visual effects, score, and vocal performance but criticized it for lacking originality. Before the press screening, I was expecting the movie to hold somewhere between 90 to 95.

The rotten tomato might not be what fans expected but does not mean they are not going to watch the movie. Venom holds 29 percent on rotten tomato but still made 856 million dollars worldwide. Pirates of the Caribbean on Stranger Tides holds 33 percent on rotten tomato and it made over 1 billion dollars worldwide. If the audiences love the movie and feel positive buzz than nothing can Stop Lion king for roaring at the box office.

Beauty and the beast hold the record for highest-grossing Live-action remake in its opening weekend and worldwide. The movie made 174.75 million dollars on its opening weekend and 1.263 billion dollars worldwide. Alice in Wonderland holds the second position with 116.1 million on its opening weekend and 1.025 billion dollars worldwide. Aladdin and Jungle Book also have opened north of 100 million dollars in its opening weekend.

The reason John Favreau was given the responsibility to direct Lion King was the massive success of Jungle Book. Favreau has been the part of Disney family since Iron Man back in 2008. The Jungle Book made 103.26 million on its opening weekend and 966.6 million dollars worldwide. (Buy The Jungle Book)

The 1994 Lion King is still the third highest-grossing live-action movie of all time. The beloved classic made 968.5 million dollars worldwide. The movie won two Academy Awards for its achievement in music along with Golden Globe Award for best comedy or musical. The live-action remake could make more money than the original but the interesting thing is Will is stand out in Award season? (Buy The Lion King 1994 [Blu-ray+DVD+Digital HD])

Everyone loved the Lion King. The movie will be a feat for Family, friends and loves ones. The positive buzz around the media and respond to the trailers could drag enough audience to movie theaters.

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