Henry Cavill struggle to hold Superman cape might come to an end if The Witcher succeeds

Its comic con week. Everyone is excited about the massive movie event. Other Studios are trying their best to counter-attack Marvel. WB opted not to bring DCEU at Comic-Con. However, WB made a huge headline when they dropped a full-length trailer for IT Chapter 2. Paramount made headline when they released a teaser trailer for Top Gun: Maverick.

The streaming giant Netflix came to Comic-Con with a trailer for The Witcher. The teaser trailer got positive responses from fans at Comic-Con and on the Internet. Henry Cavill is playing the lead character in The Witcher. The movie is based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s book series. Netflix is trying their best to avoid any collateral damage after Disney Plus comes into play in November. (Buy The Witcher Book Collection )

Now let’s talk about Henry Cavill. The Superman actor has been a part of DCEU family since 2013. There were some rumors back in the days of Henry being out from Superman franchise. WB has not released an official statement stating Henry Cavill future as Superman. The future of Cavill is still kept in the dark by WB.

There were some gossips on making a sequel to Man of Steel by Warner Brothers. Christopher McQuarrie and Henry Cavill were on board with an idea but WB ruled out. Since then, there has been no talk on Man of Steel sequel.

Despite playing an iconic character, Henry Cavill has not had huge success at the box office. The struggle of DCEU movies have been seen throughout the years. The movies have struggled to connect well with the fans except for Wonder Women. Shazam connected well with fans but failed to make a huge impact at the box office.

Let’s get back to Henry Cavill, the Superman has struggled outside of DCEU franchise. Chris Hemsworth is facing a similar situation. The only difference between Henry Cavil and Chris Hemsworth is Hemsworth movies in MCU have performed well at the box office wheres Cavill movies have struggled.

Henry Cavill highest-grossing movie is Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. BvS grossed 873 million dollars worldwide. The movie holds 28 percent to rotten tomato. I went into a movie theater with lots of hype and excitement but I was let down. I still think twice before going to see a DCEU movie.

Henry Cavill was recently seen in Mission Impossible: Fallout alongside Tom Cruise. The movie grossed 791 million dollars worldwide and was a massive hit at the box office. The movie made so much money because of Tom Cruise and the Mission Impossible franchise.

There is no denying Henry Cavill is a fantastic actor. He has time and again proved his excellent acting capability. Man of Steel was an excellent movie. It is still my favorite DCEU movie. The movie is criminally underrated. Yes, the movie failed to connect with many critics and moviegoers but the Studio needs to give Cavill a chance.

The first two Thor movies were not the best but still, Marvel believed in Hemsworth and the character. The Studio took a different approach and hired a new director. The popularity of Thor skyrocketed after Thor Ragnakor.

Superman is a very popular character. Walter Hamada seriously needs to consider making a sequel to Man of Steel. Henry Cavill needs to bring his A-game with the Witcher. If fans love Henry Cavill in The Witcher then WB might seriously consider bringing him back to play Superman.

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