Robert Downey Jr absence was felt at Comic-Con 2019

I don’t know if it’s my eight or ninth article on Robert Downey Jr’s legacy and his impact on MCU. I couldn’t stop gushing about his unforgettable contribution to MCU both onscreen and offscreen. “The Man, The Myth and The Legend” was finally given rest after Avengers Endgame.

Marvel rocked Comic-Con again just a couple of days ago. Yeah, Like there was any doubt. The Marvel Panel might be the greatest thing on Comic-Con but still, I felt something was missing. Then I came to realize, Marvel killed Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame. Robert Downey Jr who was known for having a great superhero entrance was missing.

Many Fans are still not getting the hang of Avengers Endgame. Some fans are signing the petition to bring Tony Stark back whereas some are moving on. In an interview, Robert Downey Jr revealed he wanted to look further ahead outside of MCU. I totally understand his moving forward and enjoying with his life and career. His contribution to MCU will always be written in the history book.

Now let’s get back to Comic-Con. From Tom Hiddleston entrance as Loki to Karen Gillan shaved her head for Guardians of the Galaxy, the Comic-Con has been full of surprises and thrills. Marvel Cinematic Universe was brought to light by John Favreau and Kevin Feige back in 2008.

Kevin Feige brought Iron Man cast and director on stage to talk about MCU first project. Comic Book movie fans and regular moviegoers were still questioning Marvel for casting RDJ as Tony Stark. The Comic-Con panel for Iron Man got a lot of cheers and love from the audience. Both Feige and Robert never thought the franchise will be the biggest cinematic saga in the world.

It’s not just Iron Man movies. Robert Downey Jr presence at Comic-Con for Avengers movie made the fans erupt with cheers. The Avengers was the first time Marvel was assembling six superheroes from different movies. The movie was also a huge gamble for Kevin Feige because the assemble was not done before.

The Comic-Con panel for The Avengers was excelsior. Samuel l. Jackson introduced the OG Avengers. Robert Downey Jr got the loudest cheers from the audience. RDJ also introduced Mark Ruffalo as the new Incredible Hulk which was a huge surprise for a lot of attendance.

Robert Downey Jr absence was felt on Comic-Con 2019

The Avengers went on to make 1.519 billion dollars worldwide. The movie was the highest-grossing comic book movie of all time until 2018. Avengers Infinity War and Endgame did something that money pundits, fans and even Disney will never forget.

The success of The Avengers was a sparkle for many studios to make team-up movies. WB tried with Justice League but failed miserably. WB started making a monster verse, the wizarding world, and DC Cinematic universe. None of them have succeeded like Marvel.

Iron Man 3 was coming right after the Avengers. The trailers for the movie looked excellent and nothing like the movie. I was so happy to see Mandarin but my happiness was overruled. The movie went on to make 1.215 billion dollars worldwide.

The Comic-Con panel for Iron Man 3 was nothing short of marvelous. Robert Downey Jr entrance was probably one of the greatest entrance in Comic-Con history. The glasses, the dance and the style were similar to Tony Stark. Jeremy Renner tried doing the same in 2019 but was nowhere near RDJ’s.

Avengers Age of Ultron was the second movie in Avengers franchise. The trailer for Avengers Age of Ultron with No Strings on Me music was just out of this world. The movie was coming right after Guardians of the Galaxy and Winter Soldier. The marketing for Avengers Age of Ultron heavily included Robert Downey Jr’s Tony Stark.

Robert Downey Jr superhero entrance at Comic-Con of 2014 was very memorable. The music was enough to get people jumping off the seat yelling and cheering. Robert brought flowers for the audiences as well as his fellow cast members. The MCU will miss Robert Downey Jr dearly when it comes to marketing and entrances.

Tony Stark was killed in Avengers Endgame. There are some ways he could be brought back. Robert Downey Jr gave his best performance in Avengers Endgame. His performance might get his third Academy Award nomination.

“Even Dead I am the Hero.” Tony Stark might have left us but still, his doings, legacy, and sacrifice will always be a part of MCU fans life. Spider-Man Far From used Tony Stark as the plot device despite being dead. I was thrilled with what it did to Tony’s legacy but I am not grinding.

Marvel’s Comic-Con panel was magnificent. Mahershala Ali announcement as Blade, Natalie Portman announcement as Lady Thor, the introduction of LGBT characters and many more were highlights. Phase 4 looks more diverse and inclusive. Still, Robert Downey Jr absence was felt at Comic-Con 2019.

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