Stephen Amell deserves a great bon voyage in Season 8 for playing Oliver Queen

“The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time and goodbye for the last.” It’s been my story for Comic book movies and TV shows. I was always skeptical to approach a comic book movie or TV show back in the days. I am glad, I didn’t wait for someone to tell me whether comic book moves were great.

Taking an amazing ride with Marvel has been the best part of life. I wish I could say the same thing about Arrowverse. But still, I am hanging on the thread and giving these show a chance.

I could have easily looked around and take a different ride with other television. The reason I was sticking around was the immensely talented Stephen Amell. Stephen Amell has been the Tony Stark of Arrowverse. He started the cinematic universe and playing a key role both onscreen and offscreen.

Arrow was the Iron Man of Arrowverse. The movie opened the door to expand its universe. Without the success of Arrow, I don’t think WB would have taken a chance with Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning and Batwomen.

Arrow has generally received positive responses from the critics. The first three seasons were one of my favorite TV show after Daredevil. Deathstroke played by Jonathan Manu Bennett is probably the second-best DC villain after Heath Ledger Joker. The first three seasons got more than 3 million average viewers.

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However, the fourth season and onward took a different turn. There were some great episodes but most of them felt flat. Some actors took a break from the show and the writers showed no creativity. I am not so sure I am the right person to judge the show but it’s my criticism as a viewer.

The audience sare gradually decreasing season by season. The only crossover tends to bring more viewers on the show. From 3.68 million viewership in the first season to 1.58 million on season 7, its been a tough journey for WB and Arrowverse.

Stephen Amell has been the frontman for Arrowverse. The popularity of The Flash might have downgraded his stardom but not for me. He is such a sweet guy outside of the camera. Amell publicly criticized WB for casting new actors to play the flash. He was backing up his best buddy Grant Gustin.

Stephen Amell will reprise his role as Oliver Queen in the eighth season of Arrow which is also the last. The final season will be 10 episodes long and tie in with “Crisis on Infinite Earth” crossover events.

The recent seasons have not been the best but I hope the writers and creative team do some justice to the iconic character. Stephen Amell deserves a great bon voyage in Season 8 for playing Oliver Queen. I possibly don’t see anyone replacing him as the green arrow.

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