The change in the horror genre is working for Studios and Hollywood

Horror movies have always performed well at the box office. The jump scare scene always tends to attract audiences in movie theaters. However, things started getting a little repetitive with horror movies. The slamming of the door, flying person and moving toys were getting a little over the top. Studios were also realizing the facts and worried about the box office performance. However, the horror genre has taken a great turn which has been boon for Studios and Hollywood.

The Conjuring universe has been the mainframe of the Horror genre. Annabelle, Nun, The Curse of La Llorona, Conjuring and Insidious were performing well at the box office. Once in a lifetime, few studios would take chance on making a horror movie. The biggest change in flavor for horror fans came in 2017 with Stephen King It. After It, US, A quiet place and Crawl were very productive for Studios.

Despite making many horror movies back in the days, the biggest success for WB came in 2017 with It. The Stephen King novel based movie was both commercially and critically successful. It is currently the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. The movie made over 700 million worldwide. The storytelling in the movie was a masterpiece. Some critics called It as the best movie of 2017. A sequel has been announced and the trailers look excellent. Bill Skarsgård gave his best performance of his career as Pennywise.

A quiet place was nothing short of a masterpiece. The post-apocalyptic horror film was a massive hit both critically and commercially. The brilliant storytelling, magnificent performance from the cast and high stakes made a quiet place one of the best movies of 2018. The 17 million dollar budget movie made over 340 million dollars worldwide.

The success of A quiet place made Studio realize audiences are hungry for more fresh and unique content. A quiet place kept the audiences on the edge of their seat without speaking a single word. It’s a great achievement and definitely elevated John Krasinski career. A sequel has already been announced and is expected to hit theaters on March 20, 2020.

I don’t know if many people watched the Crawl. Crawl is a disaster horror movie that was released three or four weeks ago. The marketing campaign for the movie was particularly weak. The press screening was not held so, the word of mouth didn’t spread among fans. Paramount was keen on making it the new quiet place. The movie got positive reviews from the audience and made 55 million dollars worldwide.

Apart from A quiet place, It and Crawl there have been few horror movies to redefine the genre. Jordan Peele Us and Get Out and Ari Aster Hereditary was magnificent. Personally, I am digging the change in the horror genre. I know there are lots of movie fans who prefer old school horror movies. But these people have been respecting the new style of filmmaking and loving it. Marvel is making the first horror comic book movie. I hope the change in horror genre works for Studios and Hollywood for a long period of time.

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